What to Expect

If you’ve never attended a Christian worship service, you likely have two questions: what should I expect? and, what will be expected of me?

Visitors can expect a worship service that reflects what the Church has believed and practiced for thousands of years, but applied in a way that is relevant to our life and times. The Bible teaches that God is real and that we can meet him and get to know his personality and character through worship. While God is invisible, he is truly present in the songs we sing, his heart and mind are disclosed in the Scriptures that we read, and he is active in the lives of the people around us. Christians participate in these activities with the expectation that God will make himself known in our hearts, minds and souls.

If you are not a Christian, please know that you are invited to participate to whatever degree you feel comfortable. No one expects you to affirm or sing about things you don’t believe, nor will you be forced to. If you just want to watch and listen, feel free—you are more than welcome.

Our Sunday bulletins can provide you with more particular information about our worship services.