Our World: Global Partners

Throughout the Bible, God challenges his people to consider not just their own needs or the needs of their own nation, but to “seek the peace and prosperity” of the wider world as well. This idea was clearly embodied in Jesus, who freely reached out to people whose race, class, political affiliation and tribal identity were shunned by the religious establishment of the time. The early church worked out this idea by reaching beyond their own nations and serving every corner of the known world, helping people from every tribe and nation to see the gospel message lived out.

In a city where it is easy for each of us to focus on our own particular agenda, constituency or resume, this kind of outward focus can challenge our narrow range of concerns. Grace Downtown lives out this love for other cultures and nations by partnering with churches and ministries around the world. These partner organizations in South America, Asia and the Middle East equip locals and long-time residents to contribute to the social, cultural and spiritual renewal of the cities around them. Learning to see the gospel through our global partners’ eyes also deepens our own understanding of God’s grace.

If you would like more information on Grace Downtown’s work around the world, or if you’d like to get involved with our Global Outreach team as they pray for, encourage and equip our congregation, contact Stephen Saunders.