Our City: Local Partners

When we begin to understand what God’s unmerited kindness means for us personally, the result is a powerful hope in the face of our struggles and failures. But the gospel message doesn’t stop there: This personal renewal leads to a change in the way we live our lives and relate to the people and city around us.

A natural result of living in light of the promises of the gospel is a growing desire to see peace and healing come to brokenness of our city. Grace Downtown works with partner organizations throughout the District that are working to see God’s love, justice and mercy renew the District spiritually, culturally and socially. We encourage you to read about our partner ministries and get involved through your Community Group.

There are so many wonderful organizations already in Washington DC, we are constantly amazed, and hope to be constantly learning from them. We encourage you to explore and get to know whatever ministries are in your neighborhood, and within you particular areas of interest. The below organizations are ones with which the Grace Downtown community as a whole has developed a strong and growing relationship, which we have made a special commitment to support and learn from.

Partnerships with organizations that are primarily focused on issues of mercy and justice are overseen by our diaconate. Partnerships with organizations that are primarily focused on helping others deepen their understanding of who God is and what Jesus’ work means for their lives are overseen by our elders and pastors.

Our Partner Ministries: