Our Church: Ministry Teams

Grace Downtown’s service to Washington, DC, is shaped and carried out by every member of our community. From monthly dinners to weekly worship services to the daily care being given to friends and neighbors in need, our church runs on the efforts of hundreds of people throughout the District.

This generous use of time and energy is more than just “volunteer work.” Instead, it is a natural response to God’s generosity and an essential hallmark of the Christian faith: Jesus gave freely of his time, energy and resources in order to welcome people into renewed relationships with God and with one another. The various teams that carry out Grace Downtown’s ministry provide opportunities to understand those renewed relationships more deeply by welcoming others into them, as well.

All Grace Downtown members and attendees are encouraged to take part in one of our ministry teams. Browse specific opportunities according to category below to find one that best suits your talents and interests.

Listen to a two part series on the ministries of Grace DC:
The Ministry of Grace DC, Part I
The Ministry of Grace DC, Part II


Sunday Services


Children’s Ministry


Practical and Spiritual Care


Community Formation


As a community-driven church, Grace DC depends on its members and regular attenders to be involved, and use your gifts within the community.

Local: Our City

As a church “in & for the city,” Grace DC wants to learn to love and serve our city as well as our immediate body. Click here to learn more about how to pray for and serve our city locally.

Global: Our World

As a part of the “catholic” (or universal) church, we’re actively seeking ways to serve and support our brothers and sisters all over the world. Click here to learn more about our global missions >>