Work and Rest

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When you read the early chapters of Genesis you see that our “work” is unique, significant and even sacred. God takes his work seriously and so should we. But, he also takes His rest seriously- do you?
Study Guide:
05.24.09 Foundations of Faith: Work and Rest

Bible Reference: Genesis 1.26-31, 2.15, 2.1-3


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These early chapters of Genesis teach us much- the meaning of the world, our place, and ourselves. And throughout we hear God’s delight in it all, until chapter 2. It is the first time we hear the declaration- “it is not good”. Why? Not because God made a mistake or moral evil has entered, but for the lack of something- and that lack is relationship. From the beginning we see that relationships aren’t just nice but necessary.
Study Guide:
05.17.09 Foundations of Faith: Relationships


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Visiting Pastor Scott Bridges, of Wallace Presbyterian Church, shares the Word of God with us.
Study Guide: 05.10.09 Reconciliation

Foundations for Man: Identity

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In our day, image and identity is approached as something we create, manage, or spin. Every individual is free to re-invent themselves. So the question arises: Is there anything that’s non-negotiable about who we are? Anything non-negotiable about our identity? Could it be that in trying to find yourself you can actually lose something about your identity? The book of Genesis addresses this question as it tells us that human being are made “in the image of God.” But what does the “image of God” represent? What does it involve?
Study Guide: 05.03.09 Foundations for Man: identity

A Place

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If you’ve ever been on plane which is descending or ascending over your part of town, you immediately begin to look for landmarks that might help you find…your home, your place. That’s a good instinct to apply in reading Genesis 1-2, because God didn’t just make an “earth” or a “world”, he was making a place or home for humankind. Do you understand the created world as a place?
Study Guide:04.26.09 Foundation of Faith: A Place

Bible Reference: Genesis 1.26-2.8

Foundations of Faith: Creation Questions Part I

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A runner can’t run, a dancer can’t dance, a builder can’t build, unless they have foundation. The same is true for us. Unless our thinking, living and believing has a foundation we will lack confidence, vision and freedom. Genesis 1-11 was written for that very purpose.
Study Guide: 04.19.09 Foundation of Faith: Creation Questions Part 1

Compassion, Justice and the Christian Life

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Bob Lupton, author of Compassion, Justice and the Christian Life: Rethinking Ministry to the Poor.
Listen:Plenary 1, Plenary 2, Q&A

Engaging Contemporary Culture

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Freed By Resurrection

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Death as chains or bonds is a familiar metaphor. Death binds all- great and small- and none escape. But, we feel the tug of the chains all through our lives in the form of our grief, guilt and fear. When Jesus resurrects from the dead he doesn’t just offer a promise of after life, but his resurrection goes to work on his followers chains immediately.
Study Guide: 04.12.09 Easter: Freed By Resurrection

Bible Reference: John 20. 4-23

It Is Finished

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Rev. Scott Seaton from Emmanuel Presbyterian Church (www.EmmanuelArlington.org) visits with us to discuss what exactly Jesus set out to do on our behalf.