Mercy & Care: The Diaconate

How we help…

Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful. Luke 6:36

Grace Downtown’s Diaconate reaches out to people in Grace DC’s congregation and the surrounding community who are in crisis or in challenging circumstances, offering help in assessing their needs and working with them to find solutions. Unlike elders, who are responsible for teaching the Gospel, administering healing prayer and overseeing the church, deacons and deaconesses focus on extending mercy and compassion. Our purpose is to show God’s love and mercy by trying to help people out of difficult circumstances and by facilitating the work God is doing in their lives. You can read more about our Diaconate’s specific ministries below, or read more about why we engage in mercy ministry.

The Service Roundtable

Join us for occasional dialogues on service to our neighbors and our city, hosted by the Grace Downtown Diaconate. RSVP to Ashley.

City Prayer

Feel overwhelmed by the city sometimes? Want to help the needy, but don’t know how? Here’s an idea: weekly prayer time set aside to focus on our city and mercy ministry outreach. We meet Tuesday mornings at 7:15am at the church office. Contact Joe Kaufmann for info or with questions.

Jobs Seekers Listserv

The Grace DC Diaconate is exploring ways we can provide support for you and would like to pray for you. If you are unemployed, have recently lost your job, or are fearful about losing your job, please send an email to with details on how we can pray for you. In addition, sign up for the job seekers listerv for helpful resources.

Library Resources

Our Lending Library has city and mercy ministry books and materials so that we, as a congregation, can work to develop our understanding of where we live, and how we can best serve those around us.

Stewardship & Finance

For some, this may be what first comes to mind when talking about diaconal work. The Diaconate is responsible for both stewarding the physical and financial resources of the church, and helping the members of the church to do the same in their personal lives.

Care Team & Mercy Team

When members and regular attenders of our church have needs, our church body should be the first place they can turn to for aid. Whatever the need may be, spiritual, physical, financial or social, the church is eager to help. The Care Team works with the Diaconate to meet needs. The Diaconate is available for prayer after every Sunday service, and in conjunction with our Mercy Team Team, responds to mercy needs that arise on Sundays.

Ministry to the City

The mercy we extend to the community around us should both meet needs (in a holistic and constructive way) and present the good news of the Gospel. To that end, the Diaconate provides vision and strategy for how we should be serving our city. This is primarily developed through our Partner Ministries, which match the skills and abilities of our congregation with the needs of our city.