At Grace Downtown, we believe that God’s transforming grace doesn’t just change our spiritual lives and the way we treat one another—it also renews our city socially and culturally. Because learning to love and serve the way Christ loves means becoming more deeply invested in the life of the city around you, our community collaborates on several mailing lists that can help you get to know others and our city.

These listservs are easy, convenient ways to let the Grace Downtown community know about upcoming events around DC—or arrange an upcoming event yourself. Anyone can sign up to get emails from the respective listservs, but you need to either be a Grace Downtown member or have a Grace DC Online account to send messages to the group. You can sign up for any or all of these listservs on Grace DC Online, our church’s communication hub.

Church-Wide Mailing List Want regular updates on community life at Grace Downtown? Special announcements regarding major events? Or tools for growth when we send out seasonal devotionals and reflection guides? Sign up for the Grace Downtown mailing list today!

Acitivies/Sports Listserv Want to be notified about outdoor activities and/or sporting events happening around the city? Want to invite people to play soccer, frisbee, hiking, or another fun activity?

Affordable Housing Listserv Want to learn more about how DC is dealing with the issue of affordable housing or collaborate on ideas of how our community can serve in this area? This is an open forum where we share articles, resources, ideas and alerts about upcoming events on this critical issue.

DC Arts Listserv Want to be notified about art events happening around the city? Want to invite people to an outdoor concert, art show, museum exhibit, or other activity within the arts?

Serving the City Listserv Have an opportunity to care for and serve DC? Let people know! Or, sign up to hear about these opportunities.

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