In addition to serving a community group as an active member, there are a few different opportunities to lead and serve a community group:


We are always looking for new leaders to facilitate the community life of our groups. All groups are co-led by one male and one female leader. For our leaders, we look for people bearing the fruit of repentance and faith in Christ; progressing in this faith, not having yet “arrived,” and recognizing an increasing sense of need for the grace of Christ.

Here is a summary of the role and the process (Full Description):

Potential New Leaders

We desire each of our groups to have two apprentices, people in communication with the co-leaders about how they can support the group and act as understudies to the leaders.

An apprentice has:


We also need people who enjoy hospitality and would like to host a Community Group’s weekly meeting in their home. A welcoming environment adds to the groups’ ability to build genuine community and bring neighbors and friends into that community.

Interested? For more information about any of these opportunities to serve, send an email to, to reach our Community Group Coordinator, Matt Miller.