More about Community Groups

What are Community Groups?

As the gospel calls us to love the people and the place around us. Our community groups aim to do that in neighborhoods all over the District while serving as one’s “primary community” within Grace DC. That is, it will be the first and main place people can go to work the gospel into daily life, build mutually supportive relationships, invite friends who are looking into Christianity, and serve the needs of our local neighbors. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to commit to a group in your home neighborhood or, if you live in Virginia or Maryland, to “adopt” a neighborhood in the District.

“I instantly felt at home as we chuckled about life… [and] connected very quickly.” read more testimonies…

As with all community events at Grace DC, our groups are open to people of various dispositions towards Christianity, including the “convinced” Christian, the “unconvinced,” and the simply curious. All groups are co-ed and are led by trained lay members of Grace DC who receive guidance and support from the pastors and elders. Mazaré Rogers, is our Community Group Coordinator.

What is done in the Community Groups?

Our community groups engage in the following four core activities through which we expect the grace of Jesus to flow to us and through us:

While all of these core activities may not receive equal emphasis at any one gathering, a balance among these is expected over a series of CG meetings.


For more information about community groups, contact our Community Group Coordinator, Mazaré Rogers via

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