Community groups (CG) are designed to nurture three sets of relationships: our relationship with God, our relationship with one another in the church, and our relationship with our city and those who live in it. The following are excerpts from recent testimonies from some of the 450 people involved in these groups:

I remember my first visit to [my] CG—it was a potluck dinner. I instantly felt at home as we chuckled about life and connected very quickly. We all came from different places but miraculously God worked through our group and we grew together every Thursday…. They brought me into the fold when I was longing for a family. We got messy together, our whole CG. We dug deep into the Word, we laughed, we cried….”

My Community Group has dusted off all the gifts that God has given me and has given me the ability to use them…. I’m getting back to doing things that I love like soccer, hiking, snowboarding, cooking, caring for the community/my friends, etc. and it’s all because I’m walking with the Lord now and my Community Group has helped me do this.”

…my CG surrounded me in prayer…

I can’t say enough good things about the Community Group. I am new to Christianity. The group is crucial for my learning and development…. This is part of my life now: going to group on Wednesdays, praying, and caring about these people.”

It has also been heartening to watch our Community Group get involved at N Street Village, serving dinner at a night shelter…..when we meet in our regular community group, we reflect upon our service and our interaction at the shelter. I think we grow together when we work together at the shelter. It’s a joyous time for us.”

I have people who hold me accountable, who support me, whom I can bounce ideas off…

“…because of that disconnect and awkwardness of going to a place where I knew no one, I didn’t make going to church a priority….. all that changed when I joined a Community Group. I felt more a part of the church, it made me comfortable to join in other aspects of the community (sports, volunteering within the church, etc.), and, in my mind most importantly, it made me engaged in the message of the church…..I discussed my thoughts and feelings on all aspects of my faith on Tuesdays.”