Day Of Vision And Prayer 2013

This fall inaugurates a new chapter in the life of our church. As we welcome in a new pastor, train up new lay leaders and form partnerships with new ministries in DC, what shape will our community take? How will you grow and how will you serve those around you?

The Day of Vision and Prayer is a crucial opportunity to renew our understanding of what God is doing in ourselves and through our church. Set aside September 14 to reflect, fast, pray and celebrate together.

A complete schedule is below, along with information on fasting and suggestions for how to structure your times of group prayer. Specific topics for prayer are coming soon.

As part of the Day of Vision and Prayer, we ask Community Groups to meet at 10am on Saturday to pray. Contact Matt if you don’t have a Community Group to pray with, and start thinking about what you’d like to bring to the potluck meal at the end of the afternoon!