New To Grace Downtown?

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Grace Downtown. Whether you’re a first-time inquirer into Christianity or a long-time follower, we hope this information helps communicate what we’re about.

We believe that coming to understand God and his grace changes everything. The way you think about yourself, relationships, job, volunteering, even the way you see your city. We also believe that Jesus Christ is the contact point for this grace. And, it is a grace offered to all. You see this in the diversity of those he attracted—people from all economic, racial, ethnic and belief backgrounds. As we seek to faithfully express the ministry of Jesus in Washington, DC, we expect and hope our community will be similar: a diverse group of people who need grace. Below you’ll learn more about the way that works itself out at our church.

If you have questions, feel free to email Grace Downtown’s office staff, or whichever staff member or church leader you may find relevant.

What to Expect:

5pm Sunday Worship Service

If you’re an inquirer into the Christian faith we invite you to attend our worship service. Every week we have people in attendance with other faith backgrounds or no faith backgrounds at all. You are free to participate to whatever degree you’re comfortable. There is no pressure to talk, pray, or sing. We also do our best to explain what’s going on throughout the service.  Feel free to come and observe.

In the Christian faith, we believe that God is personal and real, and that He’s the initiator calling us together. Throughout the Bible, we find that the main and unique gathering point where God meets people is in the worship service. Because of this, we come expectant that we will actually experience God. Our worship service contains elements in it that the Church has practiced for thousands of years, but we apply them in a way that is relevant to our life and times. As we reflect on the story of the Christian faith through the readings, songs, prayers, we actually encounter God and grow. This happens every week at Grace Downtown. God’s Spirit makes God real and clear to us. Our service lasts about an hour and half, but because there is opportunity to participate, we stay engaged.

If you’re looking into Christianity, we hope you’ll join us sometime.

Sample of our Sunday worship bulletin (pdf)

In case you’re interested in learning more about what we do in our worship services and why, we wanted to offer you a few resources below. Of course, the best way to learn about corporate worship at Grace Downtown is to participate in person. So we welcome you to visit and hope to meet you soon!

Learn more about Grace Downtown:

Learn more about God and what we believe:

How can I know God? (pdf) by Tim Keller

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