The Grace DC Network

Grace DC is a network of congregations dedicated to incarnating the words and deeds of Jesus Christ throughout the city.

Our vision to be a network of congregations rather than a single church was born both from the belief that starting new churches is God’s approved method for advancing his kingdom of grace throughout the world and from our experience in the city: The longer we’ve come to know and appreciate our city—its diverse neighborhoods and great needs—the more we believe that several churches will serve Washington, DC, better than one. Communities which develop tailor-made ministry to clusters of neighborhoods will be more effective than one church seeking to serve the entire city.

Over the past five years, God has enabled Grace DC to grow from one congregation to three: In addition to Grace Downtown, our network now includes Grace Meridian Hill in and Grace Mosaic. This is nothing short of a dream realized. It is an essential part of the vision of Grace DC and an extension of what was started a decade ago when Grace Downtown first began to meet.

Everyone who names Grace Downtown their church home can and should play a part in this endeavor, whether by supporting and praying for our sister congregations or joining one if one serves your neighborhood.

Who from Grace Downtown should consider being a part of Grace Meridian Hill or Grace Mosaic?

Grace Meridian Hill is dedicated to serving Columbia Heights, Mt. Pleasant and Adams Morgan. Grace Mosaic is dedicated to serving Brentwood, Brookland and Langdon. If you live in one of these neighborhoods, we want to urge you to seriously and prayerfully consider becoming part of the Grace DC congregation serving your neighbor(hood)s.

However, you are all welcome to join us at Grace Downtown, no matter where you live! We imagine that a segment of every Grace DC community will always be comprised of people who live in other parts of the city (or outside the city) but want to be a part of that particular congregation’s neighborhood mission. As you decide which Grace DC congregation you may want to make your primary church home, please keep in mind that we do not start new Grace DC congregations in order to better serve Grace DC members, but as opportunities for the members of Grace DC to more effectively love and serve others.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can get more involved, check out Grace Meridian Hill or Grace Mosaic.